The Circus Fans of Australasia Inc., was founded in Newcastle, NSW, Easter, 1972, when five devotees of this type of entertainment from Queensland and NSW decided that this country should have a similar fan organisation as in Great Britain, the United States and other countries.

The foundation members were Geoff Greaves, Jim Fogarty, Malcolm Dickie, Don Coles and Steve Robinson. The latter went on to establish his own circus.

The CFA is for those who have the unusual but rewarding hobby of being interested in this special type of travelling entertainment.

From that humble beginning, members met each Easter in a different State to grow the organisation.

With increasing interest and membership, members now meet every second Easter.
Membership has grown to 160, and members kept informed through the publication of the CFA magazine FANFARE.

Members are interested in all or some aspects of the circus, including physical details of circuses especially transport, circus history, circus memorabilia, circus literature, circus art and circus modelling. Many have valuable collections of posters.

The CFA also helps the circus when it comes to town, and helps in its fight for survival in this ever changing world.




Since its founding in 1972, Circus Fans of Australasia has a proud record of many achievements:

* Literature on the humane way circuses treat their animals has been produced and sent to many schools throughout Australia.

* In 1988, a special bicentenary display was set up at Central Railway Station, Sydney, near the site of the first circus to perform in NSW.

* At its convention in Southport in 1992, Circus Fans voted to inaugurate a National Circus Week. Circus Parades were held, Art Competitions and Exhibitions were conducted, Gala circus performances were celebrated as well as many other displays and children’s workshops.

* A Circus Personality of the Year Award was inaugurated to celebrate outstanding achievements in the world of Circus.

* In 1997, to celebrate 150 years of circus in Australia, the Circus Fans organised many celebrations in Launceston, the site of the first circus performance in Australia. Also with CFA support, Australia Post issued a set of four circus stamps and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney held a touring exhibition on Australian circus history.

* In 1998, a specially commissioned mural was unveiled in Melbourne to mark the site of the Wirth’s Circus Hippodrome.

* A lending library of circus books has been set up for CFA members.

* 2010 - the www.circusfans.com.au website became available for fans across the world